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Earning Doctorate Degree by Research via distance/ Online learning

Supervised by: Prof.Dr.Ir. Hubert Rampersad, Ph.D.

Professor Rampersad is a Harvard Business School endorsed author file://localhost/(https/::tpsint.wixsite.com:tpsi:clients) of 30 books and former MIT Sloan guest professor.

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A Ph.D. Research via Distance Learning (offered by UK Universities as well ) is ideal for people engaged in the world of work who cannot attend a traditional university. Akamai University in Hawaii www.akamaiuniversity.us is a private accredited institution: an alternative that helps adult students around the world achieves their academic goals.

Surveys conducted over the years have shown that a Ph.D. by research achieved via Distance Learning or Online Learning, at a reputable institution such as Akamai University is as useful as a traditional classroom school. In fact, what is important is the skills and professionalism.

In the age of digitalized information, and in the global village we live in, Akamai University is an important alternative to traditional studies. Our study system is efficient, geared to the needs of busy people, and can be transmitted from any computer terminal anywhere in the world.

Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.) is the highest academic title awarded by universities. It usually covers all programs of the entire academic range. As a graduate researcher, students studying for this qualification are usually required to demonstrate competence and mastery of the subject matter for the exam, but also to make new academic contributions to a particular area of human knowledge through original research.

The online Ph.D. via Distance Learning or Online Learning consists of original academic research carried out autonomously by the candidate, in a specific branch of human knowledge, culminating in a final Ph.D. dissertation.

Unlike other traditional Campus-Based doctorates, Ph.D. by Research is not divided into semesters but consists of independent theoretical research on a specific academic discipline to be evaluated by Prof Dr. Hubert Rampersad of Akamai University. This research is implemented in a final dissertation, for which the student has up to 48 months to complete it.

The student must carry out the study and research program independently. The Candidate supervisor will not be a real tutor, but rather a specialized consultant, to whom the student can turn for any assistance. The student will receive digital textbooks and use the Internet for his/her research, as well as having access to the online library. Through independent research, students acquire highly specialized knowledge and a full mastery of the specific skills that they will develop, argue and defend in their doctoral dissertation.

The Ph.D. via Distance Learning in any major of study will be obtained after successfully completing and defending the final dissertation in the academic majors. This research is presented in the form of a doctoral dissertation. It should be quite clear that any laboratory work or professional practice cannot be conducted online or through any other mode of distance learning or online learning.

The main requirement of the online Ph.D. via Distance Learning by Research is to submit and discuss the final thesis, consisting of at least 90/100 pages for review and evaluation by an academic committee of the Akamai University. In some cases, material previously published by candidates may be counted for Ph.D. purposes. To complete the required doctoral credits, if the dissertation is insufficient, additional in-depth reports of 15-20 pages based on textbooks may also be requested.

Completion of a Philosophy Doctor program is often a very useful requirement for work and profession in many fields of knowledge. In recent years, in fact, especially in developing countries, where there is a lack of basic training, the doctorate is also required for highly qualified professions, but also to work in multinationals, non-governmental organizations and in many private companies that require their employees an academic “certification” higher than a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree.

The Ph.D. is the highest educational qualification. Only the best-qualified professionals have a Ph.D. A Master’s degree is usually sufficient for most professions. A Ph.D. requires the completion of a Master’s degree or equivalent, and the achievement of a minimum of 65 academic credits, about 1000 hours of study, plus a doctoral dissertation. Elaborating a dissertation is a good opportunity to do research on specific topics, or to prepare the basis for a good publication.

The requirements for admission to the distance degree program of Akamai University, in addition to possession of the Master Degree, vary depending on the faculty and the Major of the study. It is necessary to submit a CV. There are no discriminations of race, color, sex, beliefs and/or religion. To the final evaluation of the dissertation can also be added validation of professional credits by APEL (Accreditation Prior Experiential Learning).

2. About Akamai University

Akamai Unverily logo

Akamai University is a unique institution of higher learning, with a vision to serve as a catalyst for human betterment. Since our founding on the island of Hawaii, USA, in 2002, our mission as a private educational institution is the advancement of the human condition and sustainability of the planet. 

As an ASIC Premier accredited University, our distance education and cross-border degree programs are designed to promote the maturity and career advancement of our students.

Akamai international student body represents more than forty-five nations across five continents. Akamai encourages its students to personalize their studies, address important needs of their home communities, and the changing demands of their career fields. Being freed from traditional residency requirements, our students find our university welcoming and friendly, as they pursue advanced learning in a self-paced manner while maintaining their full-time employment and family commitments. Akamai honors the life pursuits of our students, providing them opportunities to integrate work activities within their studies and research.

As a non-governmental organization, Akamai has established the fairest tuition rates possible, providing access for students from across the global community. Our University uses a blended model of education, providing excellence in instruction by one-on-one mentored distance learning, conducted by the use of a contemporary online eCampus facility and an extensive array of online learning resources. 

Our primary areas of concentration include: psychology and human services, business and economic development, ecological and environmental studies, education and literacy, health and wellness, sustainability and security, peace, diplomacy and international relations  Under the direction of highly qualified faculty members, our students are encouraged to create and evaluate, do independent and original thinking, communicate unique ideas and experiences, and design effective solutions within “real life” situations.

For your use and information, I have obtained the attached an Akamai Certificate of Good Standing from the State of Hawaii_ dated 02Aug2019  Feel free to use as needed.  

NOTE: To check the authenticity of this certificate, please visit: 


Use the Authentication Code: 338028-COGS_PDF-200648D2

Akamai University has received accreditation from The International Association for Distance Learning promotes excellence in the open, distance, and online learning worldwide, and provides benchmarks through which global consumers can gauge the quality of courses offered by our membership. IADL Accredited Membership is a process which assures the general public that an institution has clearly defined and appropriate objectives and maintains conditions under which their achievement can reasonably be expected. 

3. ASIC – Accreditation Service for International Colleges UK

The Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC UK) is an independent international educational standard assessment agency based in the United Kingdom. ASIC has been appointed by the United Kingdom Government‘s Home Office UK Border Agency to inspect colleges seeking to apply for sponsor’s licenses from the UK Border Agency.

ASIC is one of the accreditation bodies that has been recognized since 2007 by the now superseded UK Border Agency. According to its own website, ASIC has accredited 148 colleges and universities in the UK, and around 80 worldwide, of which 15 are US-based institutions.

ASIC is approved by the United Kingdom Government‘s Home Office to accredit institutions for visa purposes. In addition, it is a member or affiliate of the following organizations:

·     European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA)

·     Council for Higher Education Accreditation CHEA International Quality Group.

·     NAFSA

·     British Quality Foundation (BQF)

·     The British Council

·     United Nations Academic Impact

     The lists of Indonesian ASIC Accredited Universities/ Colleges

·     Politehnik Negeri Bandung

·     Universitas Islam Bandung

·     Telkom University

·     Universitas Negeri Yogjakarta

·     Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

·     Universitas Wydiatama Bandung

4. Prof. Dr.Ir. Hubert K Rampersad, Ph.D.

Hubert Rampersad, PhD., MSC, BSC, is a Dutch-American leading authority in design thinking, personal disruptive innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship, change management, and innovation management. This award-winning scholar holds a PhD. in Industrial Engineering & Innovation (Cum Laude), an MSc. in Mechanical Engineering & Innovation (in the top-10 of the World University Rankings 2018), and BSc. in Design Engineering from leading accredited Dutch universities. 

He is Academic Director at Akamai , and president of the Center of Excellence in Design Thinking in Florida, USA. He is the prominent author of 30 books, some of these books have been published in 20 languages and endorsed by leading professors from Harvard Business School, Yale School of Management, London Business School, IMD, and INSEAD. Title of some of his books:

1.   “Total Performance Scorecard: Redefining Management to Achieve Performance with Integrity “,

2.   “Personal Balanced Scorecard; The Way to Individual Happiness, Personal Integrity and Organizational Effectiveness

3.   “TPS-Lean Six Sigma; Linking Human Capital to Lean Six Sigma – A New Blueprint for Creating High Performance Companies”, “

4.   Authentic Personal Branding: A new blueprint for building and aligning your brand”,

5.    “Be The CEO of Your Life: The Ultimate Authentic Personal Branding Formula for Standing Out from the Crowd”, “Authentic Governance”,

6.   “Authentic Personal Brand Coaching; Entrepreneurial Leadership Brand Coaching for Sustainable High Performance”,

7.   Authentic Personal Branding for Design Thinkers”, and

8.   “Authentic and Holistic Design Thinking for Personal, Corporate, and Social Innovation”.

His Total Performance Scorecard book was foreworded by Harvard Business School innovation professor Dorothy A. Leonard. His latest book “Find the blue ocean in you” has been foreworded by Yang Yuanqing, Chairman/CEO of Lenovo, the world’s largest computer company. Dr. Rampersad is also full Professor at Akamai University in Hawaii and Hon. Professor at South Ural State University in Russia. He is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the journals Training and Management Development Methods (UK), Measuring Business Excellence (UK), TQM Magazine (UK), Singapore Management Review, and Journal of Testing and Evaluation (USA).

He has been featured on BusinessWeek and Fortune Magazine and has published many articles in refereed journals.

He conducted guest lectures at MIT Sloan, NOVA University in Fort Lauderdale, Alfaisal University in Saudi Arabia, Stockholm University in Russia, International Management Institute of St Petersburg (IMISP) in Russia, and at 20 other universities globally.

He has conducted keynotes and seminars in design thinking, authentic leadership, and innovation management for leading Fortune 100 companies such as Nokia, Toyota, IBM, Philips Electronics, Lucent Technology, ABNAMRO Bank, Coca Cola, and Shell Oil Company. Please check  https://tpsint.wixsite.com/tpsi/clients for his detailed CV, testimonials, videos, and publications.


School of Psychology and Human Services

  School of Business and Economic Development

  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Management

School of Environmental and Ecological Studies

  School of Educational Leadership and Literacy

  School of Health and Wellness

  School of Sustainability and Peace Studies


Doctor of Philosophy in Management(Asia)


Any candidate, who has graduated university outside the United States, may have his/her academic transcripts evaluated and verified by a credential evaluation services approved by the Bureau of Educator Certification.

We recommend that candidates use the credential evaluation services of Foreign Consultants, Inc. (FCI), Westminster, CO

Information is available at https://www.foreignconsultants.com/

Foreign Consultants, Inc. (FCI) is a US-based Global company, which provides Evaluation of Foreign Credentials from all countries of the world assuring consistent treatment of those educated outside the United States.

FCI perform Evaluation, Translation, and Interpretation of Foreign Credentials and related documents for individuals from abroad who wish to use their knowledge and experience either in the United States or Worldwide.

Our company produces written certifications of Educational Equivalency to the US standards that are useful for:

  • Gaining admission to an accredited College, University, Business School, Medical School, Law school, other Educational entities at any level in the US and Worldwide
  • Transferring academic credits to a College, University, Business School, Medical School, Law school, other Educational entities at any level in the US and worldwide
  • Preparing an employment application for a Firm or Agency in the US or any Global, International or Multinational company worldwide
  • Obtaining any Professional license in the Educational, Medical, Jurisprudence, Engineering, Nursing, Accounting fields in the US
  • Applying for the International grants, Scholarships, Research programs, etc. sponsored by the United Nations, European Union, World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund, UNICEF, and other International Entities and Funds worldwide
  • Completing or strengthening an Immigration application to US, Canada, European Union countries, Australia, New Zeeland, other countries worldwide

FCI evaluate Educational documents at all levels from Secondary School Diplomas to Doctoral degrees and beyond.

The cost of the evaluation will be responsible by the EGS graduates, but we will proceed on behalf of the graduates.


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Prior to making contact, it is important that you thoroughly review the Akamai University website, especially related to your academic interests and requirements for the study. You should also download and review the Application for Admissions and send your questions and concerns by email to the Office of Admissions. Prior to submission of an application, you may also wish to make at least one contact with faculty to determine the fitness of your desired area of study. The Office of Admissions can help you make appropriate contact.

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