Government of the Federation

President of the Ministerial Council – HMEH Prince José Manuel Costa “Lecca” da Veiga COSMELLI (Portugal / Malta), Grand Collar Knights of Malta, the Grand Master of the Order
Prime Minister and Vice President of the Ministerial Council 
– His Grace Count Prof. Sir George POPPER (Hungary), Grand Collar Knights of Cyprus, Lieutenant General

Deputy Prime Minister – H.E. Sir István ELEK (Monaco / Canada)

Minister of State of the Presidency – H.E. Sir Mustafa CETINKOL (Turkey)

Ministry for Foreign Affairs Minister – H.E. Sir Jovan KOVACIC (Serbia)
Secretary of State for Political Affairs and State Protocol – Sir Levente GYENES (Hungary)
Secretary of State for African Affairs – H.E. Amb. Sir Manuel Inácio dos SANTOS TORRES (Angola)Secretary of State for Administrative Affairs – Sir Rastislav BILAS (Slovakia / Monaco)

Ministry for Home Affairs Minister – H.E. Sir András NIKLÓS (Hungary)Secretary of State for Internal Administration – Sir Róbert BODOR (Slovakia)

Ministry for Health and Hospitaller Affairs Minister – H.E. Prof. Sir Pierre MALLIA (Malta)
Deputy Minister – Dr. Sir Giuseppe SATRIANO (Italy)
Deputy Minister – Dr. Sir Ahmet HALIT (Turkey)

Ministry for Humanitarian Affairs and Cooperation Minister – H.E. Sir Peter LEDNÁR (Slovakia)
Secretary of State for Equipment Donations – Sir Csaba SZAMOSVÖLGYI (Hungary)Deputy Minister – Sir Branislav ONDRUS (Slovakia)

Ministry for Press and Social Communication Minister – H.E. Countess Lady Anna POPPER (Hungary)

Ministry for the Family Affairs Minister – H.E. Viscountess Lady Teresa Sampaio da COSTA MACEDO (Portugal)

Ministry for Finance and Trade Minister – H.E. Vojvoda Sir Jerry L. BRUMLEY (USA)

Ministry for Equality, Social Inclusion and Refugees Affairs Minister – H.E. Amb. Sir Julio Cesar QUARESMA (Portugal / Angola)

International Chamber of Commerce, Industry and ServicesPresident (Rank equivalent to Minister) – H.E. Sir Jeffrey Kok Peng LIN (Singapore)International Vice-President (Rank equivalent to Secretary of State) – Ing. Sir Hüseyin KÖSETÜRK (Slovakia / Turkey)Vice-President for Security and Defence Products (Rank equivalent to Secretary of State) – Sir Marjan MOLEK (Slovenia)

Magisterial Supreme Court of Peace and Magisterial State Registry and Notary Services(Equivalent to Ministry for Justice)President(Rank equivalent to Minister) – H.E. Count Sir Fra. Abel A. LACERDA BOTELHO (Portugal)Magisterial House Head Notary (Rank equivalent to Secretary of State) – Sir Miklós VARGA (Hungary / USA)

Ministry for Logistics and Transportation Minister – H.E. Sir Dr. Zoltán SCHVÁB (Hungary)

Ministry for the YouthMinister – H.E. Rev. Sir Joey DEMAIO (USA)

Ministry for Environmental Affairs
Minister – Sir Pavol TEHLÁR (Slovakia)

Ministry for Sports and Addictions Prevention
Minister – H.E. Sir Dr. Fritz WENDLAND (Germany)Secretary of State for Sports and Addictions Prevention – Sir Péter FÁBIÁN (Hungary)Deputy Minister – Sir László FEKETE (Hungary)

Ministry for Culture and ArtsMinister – H.E. Lady Consuelo Ciscar CASABÁN (Spain)Secretary of State for Music and “Bel Canto” – Lady Lívia ÁGHOVÁ (Czech Republic)

Chief of Cabinet of the Magisterial House (Rank equivalent to Secretary of State) –Sir Paulo Alexandre Pedro de Carvalho PIRES (Portugal)

Secretary General of the Magisterial House (Rank equivalent to Secretary of State) –Rev. Sir Manoel ARRUDA (USA / Brazil)King of Arms of the Magisterial House(Rank equivalent to Secretary of State) –Most. Rev. Fra Pavol ZEMKO (Slovakia)

Chancellor of the State Mint (Rank equivalent to Secretary of State) –Sir Ádám SCHUMAN (Hungary)

Chief of Cabinet of the Prime Minister (Rank equivalent to Secretary of State) -Sir Péter STANGL (Hungary)

Our new Government’s mandate is effective from the 26th of February of 2019