The Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta Federation of Autonomous Priories hereinafter designated as “ KMFAP “ or as “ The Federation “, is a direct descendant of the old historical Order of Saint John of Jerusalem – also known as the Hospitaller Knights, or the Knights of Malta -, created in Jerusalem around the year 1040.

After several Autonomous Priories of the Order of Saint John have decided to unite and to federate, more than 100 years ago between 1909 and 1911 in New York, it was decided the new name to add federation of the Autonomous Priories. The Head Offices of the Federation is in the State of New York of the United States of America and its executive offices are in Hungary / Budapest.

Presently the Federation continues its historical tradition of being an Order of Chivalry with the main scope of helping and assisting the people in need, by providing Medical and Humanitarian Assistance, by helping the Education, Culture, Development, and Security of the populations. Certainly, our prerogatives and strategies have been changed during the centuries according to the political, social, economic situation by the time we faced. In this context, our main objective is to help the people, countries, communities to achieve a better living standard. For this reason, we created a network of alliances with strong financial, commercial, political figures, and we work continuously to search on how to offer the best solutions for different problems. We have experiences in most aspects of our globalized world, such as mediation, facilitate investments, and help in Business Development, Prevention of natural disasters and catastrophes, Rescue operations, Medical emergencies, Training and education for handling the above mentioned. In some cases we are the backchannel when regular diplomacy fails.

As a Historical Order of Chivalry the structure of the Federation is represented in 60 different countries by Bailiwicks, Priories and Grand Priories tailoring its nearly 4.000 Knights and Dames chosen among a selected group of people, who can only join the Federation by formal invitation of an existing Knight or Dame. Many of these individuals are very successful people, some of them key players of the world economy.

KMFAP is not organized along religious principles although for the religious harmony, dialogue and ecumenisms in the Order, His Most Eminent Highness the Prince Grand Master presides to a Board of Religious Counsellors and Interfaith Pluralism, where several Religions and Churches – such as Christian (Catholic, Orthodox, Lutherans, etc.), Moslem, Jewish, Buddhist and some small Churches – are represented by high ranking members.


The rights of the Federation of Autonomous Priories of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, KMFAP, to claim the privileges and all the rights as direct descendent of the Old Order of Saint John of Jerusalem where clearly recognised by:

The Court of St. Petersburg, Russia by sentence given on the 17th of December 1899

The Court of Puglia, Italy 1955, by sentence n.º 35/55 – 81/55 given on the 25th June 1955

The Decree of His Majesty Vittorio Emanuele III, King of Italy, given on the 27th January 1944


The Federation, due to the Treaty of Amiens signed on the 27th of March 1802 between Austria, France, Great Britain, Prussia, Russia and Spain, is also, in accordance with the Public International Law, a Sovereign State without Territory, recognized as such by many Sovereign States with whom KMFAP maintains regular and permanent Diplomatic

Relations at Ambassadorial or Consular levels, in accordance with the terms of the Vienna Convention about Diplomatic (1961) and Consular (1963) Relations:

Diplomatic and Consular Relations:

  • 1994- Republic of the Congo
  • 1994- Republic of Ghana
  • 1995- Republic of Angola since 1995,
  • 1997- Democratic Republic of Sâo Tomé and Príncipe
  • 2001- Republic of Guinea-Bissau
  • 2009- Central African Republic
  • 2009- Republic of Benin
  • 2009- Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
  • 2010- Republic of Sierra Leone
  • 2016- Antigua and Barbuda
  • Consular Relations:
  • 2009- The Gambia

Representative Offices:

  • 2011- Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China
  • 2017- Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China

Recently the rights of Sovereignty of the Federation and its capacity as a Sovereign State were also recognized by:

  • The Court of Appeal of Messina, Italy, in October 2007
  • The Court of Appeal of Hungary on the 11th of March 2010 by the sentence 2.Bf.197/2009/3

Politically the State of the Federation is a neutral Elective Monarchy headed by a Grand Master, elected for life in a democratic process by his fellow Knights and Dames, not depending on the ratification of any Religious Leader or of any Sovereign.

The Grand Master is also the Head of the State and of the Government, for what He is assisted by a Government composed by 26 members, between Prime Minister, Minister of State, Ministers, Vice Ministers and State Secretaries. The Grand Master holds the title of Prince in virtue of the decisions enacted by Emperor Rudolf II, on the 20th of March 1607, and by the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II on the 16th of July 1620, and also holds the title of Eminence, with equivalence to the rank of a Cardinal of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, given by the Consistorial Decree of the 10th of June 1630 of His Holiness the Pope Urban VIII and later confirmed by “ Motu Proprio “ by His Holiness The Pope Leon XIII on the 12th of June 1888.

Presently the Grand Master and Head of the State of the Federation (KMFAP) is His Most Eminent Highness Prince Jose M. Lecca V. Cosmelli


The official language of the Federation is English


The Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem started to mint its own currency after the conquest of the Rhodes Island in 1318. In 1530, Emperor Charles V of Spain donated the Maltese Islands in fief to the Order of St John of Jerusalem, and through the intercession of Pope Clement VII, the Order obtained the privilege of striking coins in Malta. The first coins, which appear to have been minted in Malta by the Knights, were struck during the brief reign of Grand Master, Pieto del Ponte (1534-35). The order of St John minted coins in gold, silver, and copper during its 268-year rule in Malta. In 1565 the Order minted fiduciary copper coins. The reverse side of these coins depicted clasped hands surrounded by the legend ’NON AES SED FIDES’, (Not Money But Trust). The minting art of the Order reached its peak in the gold and silver coins issued during the reign of Grand Master Antonio Manoel de Vilehna (1722-1756), who was the first to coin the 12 Zecchini gold piece, the highest denomination in the Order’s coinage. He also introduced the silver 2 Scudi and the 8 and 12 Tari pieces. The highest value silver coin minted by the Order was the Maltese dollar, known as the „pezza”, „oncia d’argento” or „uqija”. This was first issued during the long reign of Grand Master Prince Emmanuel Pinto (1741-1773).

In 2008, during the reign of the Grand Master Prince José Cosmelli, in the due and legal exercise of its Sovereignty Rights internationally recognized by many States, the Zecchino was re-established as the basic Currency of The Federation. This first edition of currency coins of the modern times was composed of two different coins, the Silver coin called Tari and the coin made of brass with the value of 2 Zecchini. The coin of 1 Tari has the value of 20 Zecchini.

Exactly 700 years after the first coin was minted by the Sovereign Order of Saint John, a group of very committed Knights of Malta decided to meet the challenges of the modern era by creating CryptoTARI – the ancient TARI coins digital variant. CryptoTARI is issued by an independent private company owned and managed by several Knights of Malta. The issuing knight’s intent is to support international humanitarian activities of several Knightly Orders and Humanitarian Organizations. Furthermore some of the important activities of the IBSSA will also be supported by the project, in particular the Anti Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery program. The leadership of the above mentioned circle of orders and organizations gratefully accept the offered support and recommends the Knights and Dames to support the CryptoTARI project in making it successful.


In the strict observation of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights of the United Nations, as a State KMFAP makes no distinctions whatsoever and respects equally all races and cultures, as well as the political, personal and religious options of all of its Knights and Dames, both and simultaneously as members of the Order and as and as Citizens of the State.


FEMERAID INTERNATIONAL– ( Is our State Institution dedicated to Medical and Humanitarian Assistance Worldwide, as well as to Medical Rescue and evacuation. It has the following departments: Femeraid Units- Units dedicated to Search, Rescue, Emergency Health Care, Medical Assistance Evacuation of Critical Patients, Humanitarian Assistance, etc.:

FEMERAID AFRICA – General Director: Dr. Sir Nuno Cosmelli

Femeraid Angola – Director: Dr. Sir Nuno Cosmelli Femeraid Sierra Leone – Director: in process of appointment Femeraid Gambia – Director: in process of appointment Femeraid Central African Republic – Director: in process of appointment

FEMERAID EUROPE – General Director: Gen. Sir Ján Culka

  • Femeraid Belgium – Director: Mr. Krisztian Zerkowitz
  • Femeraid Czech Republic – Director: Dr. Sir Alexander Cach
  • Femeraid Hungary – Director: Dr. Bakai Kristóf Péter
  • Femeraid South Italy – Director: Dr. Sir Giuseppe Satriano
  • Femeraid North Italy – Director: Sir Carmelo Leto
  • Femeraid Netherlands – Director: Sir Nico Waerts
  • Femeraid Slovakia – Director: Gen. Sir Ján Culka
  • Femeraid Malta – Director: Field Marshall Sir David Zammit


  • Femeraid Cambodia – Director: Sir Thourn Sinan
  • Femeraid Timor – Leste (East Timor) – Director: in process of appointment
  • Femeraid International Institute for Studies of Sepsis in Africa (IFIESA)

This Institute was recently created with the objective of contributing to fight the Septicaemia in Africa, in accordance with the most modern international protocols and procedures.

Sepsis, or Septicaemia, is the first cause of mortality in the Hospitals in Africa, and also around the World, therefore, by joining the International Campaign „Surviving Sepsis ” we count on being able to reduce by 20% this mortality rate in each 5 years cycle of the campaign, by working with Hospitals and Universities in all the African continent .

The Director of IFIESA is Prof Sir Lemuel Bornelli Cordeiro, MD, PhD, KCM, Professor of Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo, Brazil, who is presently finishing the Manual and a Guide Book of our Femeraid International Institute IFIESA for the treatment of Sepsis in Africa.

This Femeraid Institute will work in all Africa in conjunction with the Faculty of Medicine of our Pro Deo State University.

Femeraid International Institute for Penitententiary Assistance- (FIIPA)

This Institute is dedicated to providing assistance not only to the convicts to prison sentences in different countries and to their families, but also to prepare the social reinsertion of ex-convicts.

Another very important task of this Institute is to assist the mothers who have children with them in the prisons, children who grow in a prison environment in the first years of their lives.

This Institute is presided by the Most Reverend Monsignor Fabio Fabbri, Prelate of Honour of His Holiness the Pope, and has as Secretary General Dott. Sir Davide Cervi PhD, MBA, KM.

Femeraid Orphans Assistance Program

This program is sponsored by one of our Knights – who prefers to remain anonymous and has been paying in the last few years professional training and formation to about 40 Orphans in Hungary.

As some of those orphans have finished their studies we will be extending this program to the “Cambodian Children Orphanage for Living and Training” (CCOLT) in Cambodia, Institution directed by our Knight Sir Thourn Sinan.

The funds for this program have recently been reinforced by donations of other Knights.

Femeraid Assistance to Children of Transylvania

This program is operated and supported by a group of Knights committed to assist the poor children in the region of Transylvania.

Femeraid Emergency Response Plan

This Emergency Response Plan to be used in case of Catastrophe was proposed by Dr. Sir Nuno Cosmelli and is now being reviewed to be implemented in a very near future

Femeraid Training Program

This is designed to be common to all Femeraid Units, is being defined by the Critical Care Academy of the Faculty of Medicine of our Pro Deo State University, and will soon be presented publicly.

Femeraid Service of Medical Equipment and Medicines Donations

This Service has already distributed in the recent past millions of Euros of Medicines and Medical Equipment and is the result of a co-operation between the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of the Federation (KMFAP) and our Embassies in several countries.

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, INDUSTRY, SERVICES AND AGRICULTURE This is a new institution created to support and assist our Knights and Dames in their businesses and professional activities worldwide, by providing international contacts among Knights and Dames of the different countries, and by facilitating the Trade – import, export – and the professional opportunities, in a mutually interesting and fruitful manner.

Therefore the Chamber is a very important instrument at the service of all of our Knights and Dames and has several different internal Departments specialized in each branch of activity.

PRO DEO STATE UNIVERSITY – ( – Rector Magnificus : H.E.H. Prof. Jose M. Cosmelli, PhD, MSc.

Pro Deo State University, created in 1974 in New York, by HEH Archbishop Count De Valitch, as a Religious University, was transferred to the Government of the Federation during a public Ceremony in Italy in 1999.

Presently Pro Deo is an international University of the State of the Federation and recently all of its structure and courses were deeply changed and ameliorated to meet the international standards for recognition of the courses, as well as the regulations of the Bologna Process Agreements.

New Courses and Departments have been created, and other have been deeply transformed and improved in order to achieve the highest standards of quality and exigency, new professors have been accredited in accordance with our new Academic Career Regulations, a new system of Credits was defined in accordance with international procedures, and new professional training schools are being created under the umbrella of the Pro Deo State University.

A new service of publication of e-books will soon start in full but some books have already been published on line.

The courses, seminars and conferences of Pro Deo State University are implemented in the different countries in partnership with local Universities, Colleges and Schools duly accredited.

The following is the actual structure of our Pro Deo State University:

FACULTY OF ARTS AND HUMANITIES Department of Philosophy Department of History Course of History Methodology of Research Seminars Department Art and Design Seminars on Jewelry Design Department of Social Sciences Course of National Culture and Identity

FACULTY OF JURIDICAL SCIENCES Department of International Arbitrage Course of International Arbitrage Department of Penitentiary Studies


FACULTY OF POLITICAL SCIENCES AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Department of European Studies Course of Preparation of Projects for EU Diplomatic Academy Course of Diplomacy Course of Protocol

FACULTY OF ECONOMICS AND ENTREPRENEURIAL SCIENCES Department of Management Course of Strategic Management Department of Economics Course of National and Regional Development Course of Local and Regional Administration

FACULTY OF TOURISM SCIENCES Department of Religious Tourism Course of Religious Tourism

FACULTY OF MEDICINE AND HEALTH SCIENCES Critical Care Academy Course of Basic Life Support Level I Level II Level III Course of Fire Prevention and First Intervention Course of Hygiene and Safety Course of Catastrophe Management Department of Hospital Quality and Management Course of Hospital Quality and Accreditation

Department of Medicine Course of Emergency Medicine Course of Methodology of Research Course of Communication Skills Seminars and workshops in Microsurgery Department of Veterinary Sciences Course of Emergency Veterinary Techniques


SCHOOL OF ARTS AND CRAFTS Professional Courses


– President: HEH Prince Jose; – Vice-President H.G. Count Sir George Popper – Treasury: Sir Dr. Karoly A. Nagy GCKM

Recently, a new foundation was created and registered, based in USA. This Foundation will constitute the financial support for the majority of our Humanitarian Activity. In this Foundation we have also created an Agency for the Accreditation and Certification of Hospitals and Medical Units, presided by Prof Sir Lemuel Bornelli Cordeiro, PhD, MD, in accordance with the highest International standards of Quality.

PROFESSIONAL COUNCILS AND COLLEGES: The Magisterial Councils and Colleges are associations of professionals of the same branch of activity created to give to our Knights and Dames the possibility of exchanging and sharing professional experiences and knowledge, organize Conferences, Meetings and Seminars, send and exchange clients with colleagues from other countries.

The Councils are destined to professions which require a University Degree, while the Colleges are destined to professions which do not have such requirement.

The Councils and Colleges so far created are the following:

– Magisterial Medical and Health Care Council – Magisterial Architects and Engineers Council – Magisterial Jurists Council – Magisterial Municipal Council – Magisterial Management and Entrepreneurial College – Magisterial Security College

MAGISTERIAL HOUSE INSTITUTIONS: The Magisterial House of the Federation has several institutions which are able to provide support both to the Magisterial See and to our Knights, such as Magisterial Peace Court – This is not only an internal Court to ensure discipline and good conduct among our Knights, but it is also an Arbitration Court, with judges specialized in international commerce arbitration, and also in arbitration and mediation of conflicts. Magisterial State Guard – Provides not only Ceremonial Guard and VIP protection for the Magisterial House and the Government of the Federation, but also Protection and Security for our Knights and Dames under specific and justified request always strictly within the international and national legal requirements and regulations.

Board of Religious Counsellors and Interfaith Pluralism – As a demonstration of deep respect for all the personal options, the Magisterial House of the Federation provides to all Knights and Dames Religious and Spiritual Guides for the main Faiths and Churches.

Soon new projects will follow. Magisterial Sports Federations – Federations of several different Sports are being created for our Knights and Dames to share together the practice of their favorite sports.