Ma’had Alzaytun – 4

The Center of Education, Peace and Tolerance Culture Development

Summary – 4

Out door sport facilities

The Grand Chancellor of Alzaytun Dr. Abdul Salam Rasyidi PG aware that one of the most important health problems recently is individuals’ lack of physical activity. That why 24 years ago before building Educational facilities such as college building and dormitory halls, with his colleagues he built several out door sports facilities.

Hockey is the most favourite sport at Alzaytun

24 years later the whole available Students, teachers and employees of Alzaytun understood the benefits of what the Grand Chancellor done. Today the trees growing mature and became beautiful Campus forest that surrounds the Campus including the out door sport facilities. They can use the facilities to do physical activities to avoid any coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and depression and so on.

Palagan Agung Stadion

World Health Organization has recommended that adults aged 18-64 years should do at least 150 min of moderate-intensity physical activity or at least 75 min of vigorous-intensity physical activity or equivalent combination of moderate and vigorous intensity activity throughout the week. Today the Students, teachers, and employees can use the field for cycling, walking, running, football and so on. Something that is not owned by other educational institutions that do not build it up with professional planning such as in Ma’had Alzaytun.

The age of learning is  a time of transition from childhood, adolescence to adulthood, and because they all stay at the dormitory hall (boarding), they obtaining independence from their parents. The six learning years at Ma’had Alzaytun a crucial time for health promotion, disease prevention, and forming lifestyle patterns for their adult life . Alzaytun students are hopefully of optimal health and well-being.  Therefore, the mental health of college students including stress, anxiety, and depression and their exercise habits are significant issues that considered seriously by the Grand Chancellor who experienced 6 years at the Boarding School (Gontor Ponorogo)

The Grand Chancellor provides an action learning of healthy living with walking, cycling and maintaining a healthy diet. Walking especially is a universal, convenient, familiar, and free physical activity that has diverse health benefits and a low injury risk. While cycling improves several markers of cardiovascular risk, including aerobic capacity, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, waist circumference, body fat percentage, and above all cycling prevents air pollution at the Alzaytun Campus, and this is all part of an inseparable effort from climate change mitigation.

Every day the students walking from their dormitory to the college buildings, its take 5 – 7 minutes

The Campus forest has given more advantages to the students, teachers and employees and the society in general to have more positive effects on physical and psychological health. In this modern era, the natural environment is increasingly recognized as an effective counter to any diseases.

Higher accessibility to out door sport facilities and/or Campus forests given higher happiness and a better mood as well as less stress, and homesick for the students. The Grand Chancellor with his “Delta Maskumambang” will general societies to do ‘forest therapy’ to maintain health. Forest recreation has been shown to significantly increase people’s positive emotions and decrease their negative emotions compared with activities in urban areas .