Ma’had Alzaytun

The Center of Education, Peace and Tolerance Culture Development

by : Datuk Agung Sidayu

Chairman of YPI Wira Tata Buana
Special Consultative Status in ECOSOC United Nations

Executive Summary


MA’HAD ALZAYTUN (MAZ) is the International Boarding School located in the District of Indramayu, Western Java around 3,5 hours by driving from Jakarta the Capital of Indonesia, situated on 1200 HA land, which was allocated as :

  1. 200 hectares for the Educational facilities
  2. 600 hectares more for Campus forest
  3. 400 hectares for Agribusiness projects

On 1999, MAZ opened offically as formal Education provider by the Indonesian President Prof.Dr, Baharuddin Yusuf Habibie, started with 6 years Secondary School, and the official name of the Institution which was officially opened by the President is Ma’had Alzaytun, ” The Center of Education , peace and tolerance culture development”.

MAZ Campus in short video clip

Before the developing Educational facilities, the Grand Chancellor of MAZ supported by his colleagues planted several species of trees on 600 Hectares and 20 years after the opening of the Institution, the trees became a Campus forest. Which is not only given benefits for the Campus environment, but also contribute positively for the Climate change combating.

Prof. Dr, BJ Habibie witnessed by the Governor of Western Java and Minister of Religious Affairs opened officially Ma’had Alzaytun on 27 August 1999

The Institution

MAZ was operated by Yayasan Pesantren Indonesia (YPI) Alzaytun which was incorporated in the District of Indramayu Western Java , Notarial Act  25 January N0. 61 , Public Notary  Mrs. Ii Rokayah Sulaeman, S.H. and registered at the District of Subang Court  28 January 1994. It is equally owned by the Alzaytun Community members and managed by its boards of Members of the Foundation or Exponents, Lead by the Grand Chancellor Dr. Abdul Salam Rasyidi Panji Gumilang, who was delegated his daily managerial to Mr. Imam Prawoto, SE, MBA

MAZ is the result of Participatory action research and Participatory action programs between the small communities and the Exponents of YPI Ma’had Alzaytun, supervised and managed by an effective leadership of Dr. Abdul Salam Rasyidi Panji Gumilang, of course he lead by the sense of business, that why Ma’had Alzaytun became the biggest Boarding School in Indonesia.

As the formal Educational Institution, Ma’had Alzaytun was accredited by the Government of Indonesia, Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) for its 6 years Secondary School and Tertiary Educational Institution.


Ma’had Alzaytun located in the district of Indramayu, Under district of Haurgeulis, Gantar Village, it is about 3,5 hours by driving from Jakarta, but only 35 minute from the Kertajati new International Airport in the Western Java. The location can be seen on the Google maps.

Its was need more than 6 hours before the high way completed on the leadership of President Joko Widodo, which is not only the completed high way but also the above new International airport, so the access to Ma’had Alzaytun is easier then before.

Mission of Alzaytun

The establishment of Ma’had Alzaytun and the pace of its innovative efforts shocked traditional Islamic education communities in Indonesia, especially in relation to the background of its establishment using the mythology of Participation action research and participatory action program. Something that is very different with the all available Islamic Educational institutions in Indonesia named “Pesantren or Islamic Boarding School” which was founded by their owners and inherited to their children and grandchildren, who then continue the authority and title of the founder, traditionally well known as ” Kyahi”.

The above differences culminated in a sad feud between the Islamic Educational Societies in Indonesia and tendentiously politicised by cornering Ma’had Alzaytun and its leader as an educational institution that teaches heresy, even though the curriculum used and teaches are a nationally enforced curriculum, even when the Government through the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia decided that there is no heresy in this Educational institution.

Unlike another Islamic boarding school.s names which are related to its founding fathers as stated above, Ma’had Alzaytun was named by its Grand Chancellor related to its long term mission “Ma’had Alzaytun, The Center of Education, Peace and Tolerance Culture Development”, this name plastered magnificently at the entrance gate of the campus.

Although Ma’had Alzaytun is just like another Islamic Boarding Schools in Indonesia which are well known as Pesantren, but its prepared seriously by its Founding Fathers in terms of its infrastructures, legality and Curriculum, in which they exposed publicly that Ma’had Alzaytun is Pesantren in spirit but modern in the formal educational system and facilities. So currently all linked on its motto above

The noble ideals of Dr. Abdul Salam Rasyidi since childhood was become a teacher and established an educational institution called Pesantren or Islamic Boarding School, with the intention that humanity’s civilisation does not break up, then by his effective leadership and talent, he tried to do his best to achieve his goal of establishing Pesantren, later called Ma’had Alzaytun above with the main purpose to educate young generation to make Indonesia counted among other nations.

The Sabah lesson learned

Dr. Abdul Salam Rasyidi’s years experiences in Sabah State Malaysia in establishing and maintenance the relationship with several different faith colleagues, affected his concept of peace and tolerance life, and the Sabah State lesson learn implemented at Ma’had Alzaytun with his concept which called as Risalah Alzaytun or Alzaytun Message.

The main objective of Risalah Alzaytun or Alzaytun Message which was initiated and implemented is peaceful co-existence with other people’s and Nations, as well as respect, understanding, friendship, brotherhood and solidarity of all religions and ethnic groups that will provide peace and prosperity in the society.

This mean the concept of peace and tolerance Culture development was very long before the establishment of Ma’had Alzaytun, it was a relationship with heterogeneous societies in Sabah State Malaysia, he was close with Datuk Haris Saleh (now Tan Sri) in the same time very close with Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan (Now Tan Sri) Sabah Leader originally from Tambunan District

Tan Sri Dr. Joseph Pairin Kitingan

Educational Services

Ma’had Alzaytun since its establishment, has became a formal and informal Educational provider, where all students resides in dormitories that have been provided since the inauguration of President Habibie in 1999.

Formal education :

Formal education held to date is as follows:

  1. Kindergarten
  2. Elementary school
  3. Middle school
  4. High school
  5. Tertiary level of education

The whole formal educations above was recognised by the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA), The Directorate General of Education.

Non formal education

Ma’had Alzaytun also carries out non-formal education that emphasizes life skills, including:

  1. International Computer Driving License programs
  2. The NCC Certificate of Information and Communication
  3. The Training of Agricultural Tehnicion

Ma’had Alzaytun is provide non formal Education Center for the local societies which was supported by the Ministry of Nation Education Indonesia

Community development :

Ma’had Alzaytun, is not only Educational Institution which is offering a formal education from kindergarten to the university level of education since 1999, but also offers an innovative informal education programs in Agricultural skills to the local farmers.

The Community development programs initiated and supervised by the Grand Chancellor Dr. Abdul Salam Rasyidi PG, implementing the action learning and participatory action methodology, in which Ma’had Alzaytun acted as the core (inti) and the local farmers acted as plasma.

As a business to business programs, Ma’had Alzaytun as the Core (Inti), implemented a profit sharing systems with the local farmers participants as a plasma (Nucleus and Plasma scheme) , but guaranteed a good price of the harvested rices.

The Participatory action programs between Ma’had Alzaytun and the local Farmers above, named as P3KPI “PAGUYUBAN PETANI PENYANGGA PANGAN INDONESIA” , or The Farmers association for Indonesian Food Security supports , lead and supervised directly by the Grand Chancellor of Alzaytun with 85 farmers household as a members who employs 10 subordinates to works with them.The association focused its activities on Rice production.

Each member manage at least 7 hectares of rice fields, which in one planting period, with a harvest period twice, each hectare produces 20 tons of dry grain, which means from the Core and Plasma programs Ma’had Alzaytun can produce 7,000 tons of grain annually.

Revenue sharing for farmers is 40%, while for Ma’had Alzaytun as much as 60%. The members were released to sell their yields to outside market, but they preferred to sell their dried grain to the core (Ma’had Alzaytun) , because there was a guarantee of better prices than the outside market .

Benefit for the Farmers (Plasma)

1. Transfer knowledge and Technology, in which the Program’s participants adopted a new rice plantation method refer to the result of the Grand Chancellor research, and the ability to the farmers to use farming mechanical.
2. Receiving a good quality of Rice seed from Alzaytun Rice research
3. Enhancing standard of life.
4. The ability to participates as a teamwork
5. Farmers learn from Farmers

Benefit for the Core (Ma’had Alzaytun)

1. The opportunity to carry out community development, as part of community services and the development of informal education in agriculture.
2. For this Nucleus and Plasma programs, Ma’had Alzaytun has a chance to implement the results of The Al zaytun Rice research,:
– Distribution of superior seeds
– Distribution of organic fertilisers
– Empowering its rice plantation land optimally.
3. Obtain sufficient rice yields to serve the needs of students and Alzaytun employees.
4. Getting additional income to supports educational activities from the sale of harvested rice.

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