Syaykh Al zaytun

The leader who never give up


السيرة الذاتية للدكتور. عبدالسلام الرشيدي
الزعيم الذي لا يستسلم أبدا

Abdul Salam Rasyidi who well known as AS Panji Gumilang, born in  Sembunganyar, the village 20 km from the city of Gresik to on July, 1946, son of the head village Haji Imam Rasyidi and Hajjah Sonafa Abdul Rachman , died in 1987.

He was the second of four children, Hajjah Mukhlisah Rasyidi his olders Sister, a mother of 9 children, ones of them is Dr. Amich Al Humami, MSc, Director of Higher Education Bappenas Ministry. His younger brothers are MYR Agung Sidayu,MBA businessman and social worker, Chairman of YPI-Wira Tata Buana Foundation, the Special Consultative Status in ECOSOC United Nations, and Abdul Wahib Rasyidi Mathematic Teacher who is now live at the Village.

MYR Agung Sidayu with President of Euclid University and Hon Dr. Osman Sapta and Dr. S Iwantono

He studied elementary school at the Public Elementary School or Sekolah Rakyat in the Capital of under district of Dukun, Gresik, then moved to the Islamic Boarding School “ Gontor” in Ponorogo, East Java for his secondary school, completed on 1966. The leader of Islamic Boarding School “ Gontor” influenced his adult life  until to date when he is growing older.

Dr. Amich Al Humami, nephew of Dr. Abdul Salam Rasyidi PG

On 1966 – 1970 He studied at the Islamic State University (IAIN)  Syarif Hidayatullah in Jakarta, where he obtained the title of Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Literature, the bachelor paper at that time was “ القران اساس في بناء الثقافه العربيه “ The Holy Quran is the foundation of Arabian Culture development “,

During his higher education he was active in the Islamic Student Association (HMI) Ciputat Chapter, and became young preacher who tried to introduced a change in the area around the University, he was well known as “Ustadh Salam” by the local communities in Under district of Ciputat, now part of the Tangerang Selatan Municipality, Banten.

He graduated Bachelor of Social Science in Sociology from Indonesian Open University one he lead Ma’had Alzaytun as the Grand Chancellor., and recently he in undertaking A master degree of Agronomy were he is 72 years olds.

He awarded Honorary Doctorate in Education management by the University of Action Learning and Honorary Doctorate in Humanity by Mindanao State University Philippines.

In 1972 he married Siti Khatimah Rahayu, whom he had known soon after his field studies in Serang City (now The capital of Banten Province) when his wife was student at the islamic State University Syarif Hidayatullah Serang Branch, with whom he had six children:

Achmad Prawiro Utomo, the second son of Dr. Abd Salam R Panji Gumilang
  1. Imam Prawoto, SE, MBA Chairman of YPI Alzaytun Foundation and the Parliamentary Candidate of Hanura Party for 2019 election
  2. Achmad Prawiro Utomo, live in London United Kingdom
  3. Ikhwan Triatmo, B.Com, M.Com live in New Zealand with his family
  4. Siti Khoirun Nisa, MA, former local Parliament member, now Parliamentary candidate of Demokrat Party
  5. Sofia Al Widad , B.Agr now undertaking her master degree in Agronomy and Local Parliamentary candidate of Demokrat Party
  6. Abdul Hakeem


Finished his studies at the Islamic State Syarif Hidayatullah” in Ciputat, he was not interested to become The Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) employee but he moved to his wife village and became professional teacher at Mathlaul Anwar Secondary School (MA), he teach Arabic language at the School until the old regime arrested him without any reason except his activities as a member of Youth Islamic organization (GPII), at that time the regime lead by the late President General Soeharto who late became his close alliance  friend.

A few years later he was appointed as the Head teacher of Mathlaul Anwar by the Board of members of Mathlaul Anwar Organisation. At that time he become the most favourite teacher at the School and the best head teacher as he brought Mathalul Anwar  as modern Educational Organisation. Until to date the whole Mathalaul Anwar alumnus respected him as their teacher, and the board of members of Mathlaul Anwar organization recognised him as a mentor.

As soon as he released from political prison in Bandung, Dr. Mochamad Natsir former Chairman of Masyumi, asked him to join a program of Rabitah Alam Islami, he accepted the request of the Islamic Famous leader and went to East Malaysia (Sabah State), he back to became a teacher of the indigenous societies in Sabah.

The well known Social workers in Sabah and Serawak

Dr. Abdul Salam Rasyidi with General Dr. Moeldoko and Mr. Aksa Mahmud

Aside from serving as Islamic Da’wah and researcher for indigenous communities in Sabah, East Malaysia, he was also very close to Sabah leaders both Muslims and non Muslims, and his friendship maintained until to date, when he and his colleagues had succeeded in building a big educational institution even the biggest in Indonesia, I remember that during his duties in Sabah East Malaysia, he stay at Tun Musthofa house in Kota Kinabalu. Tun Musthofa was the Founding Father of Modern Sabah, that why he close with another Leaders.

Tun Musthopha the Founding Father of Modern Sabah

Al Ustahd Tadiq Ismael who is now stay in Tambunan (Datuk Pairin Kitingan and Josep Kitingan city)said, that Dr. Abdul Salam Rasyidi Panji Gumilang is the best friends for all (Muslims and Christians) and the best negotiator in Sabah and Serawak. At that time he was more famous than the Consul General of Indonesia to Sabah and Serawak, especially for a millions of Indonesian societies. Among other leaders, his close friend and mentor in Sabah was Datuk Haris.

Tan Sri Harris Saleh a friend of Dr. Abdul Salam Rasyidi PG

During his existence in Sabah State, East Malaysia as researcher of Rabitha Alam Islami (The Muslim World League), Dr. Abdul Salam Rasyidi elected democratically as the President of PERKISA (Indonesian Association in Sabah and Serawak), the most powerful Indonesian Non Governmental Organisation in Sabah and Serawak with a members more than 3,5 millions Indonesian from various tribes.

Ustadh Tadiq Ismael with Datuk Agung Sidayu

As President of PERKISA he was direct communicated with Local authorities, and he was very well known by all PERKISA Members even respected by the members more than official diplomates of Indonesian in Sabah and Serawak, especially when he and his boards of Members of Perkisa traveling to the cities out of Kota Kinabalu even to remote areas in Sabah. Every August he participated the Indonesian Independence commemoration regularly he became A reader of PANCASILA , later he concluded that Pancasila was a part of divine teaching.

During his Presidency PERKISA became respected Non Governmental Organisation. As President of PERKISA at the time, no single Indonesian personal problem out of his attention. Even the local Authorities will not satisfied when they proceed any cases without consultation with him as the PERKISA President. He proof his effective leadership to protect the Indonesian Citizen in Sabah and Serawak and its was more than official diplomates done.

At that time the Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia to Sabah and Serawak was Colonel Danar Dunus, how became a close friend of Dr. Abdul Salam Rasyidi Panji Gumilang until he resigned and retired from the Military. In fact he had visited Ma’had Alzaytun before he died

Although he was well known in Sabah and Serawak, but he was continue his business talent by doing small businesses, sometime his Brother Yusuf Rasyidi Agung Sidayu send the goods from Surabaya to Kotakinabalu,later he lead Ma’had Alzaytun not only as Kyahi (Pesantren Leader) but mostly as businessman, not surprisingly the Institute became the bigger in Indonesia even in south East Asia

Datuk MYR Agung Sidayu speech at National University of Sierra Leone western Africa

Managing small community members by an effective leadership

Dr (Hon) Abdul Salam Rasyidi Panji Gumilang ones of the well known Non Governmental leader in Indonesia, with his human resources management talent and effective leadership, he successfully build a community-based Educational Institution in the district of Indramayu Western Java, which its main purpose is to provide eco agricultural tourism and International standard of education services. They named the Educational Institution “Ma’had Alzaytun”, which was officially opened by the Indonesian President Prof. Dr. BJ Habibie on 1999.

At the same time, the Grand Chancellor announced what he called “RISALAH ALZAYTUN” OR “ALZAYTUN MESSAGES” through the official name of the Boarding School, peace and tolerance among human being not only for Muslims as explored by the Amman Messages or Risalatu Amman which was promoted by HM King Abdullah II of Jordan 14 years later with its main purpose is to campaign peace and tolerance among Muslims, sunni, syiah and another schools of Islam worldwide.

The establishment of Ma’had Alzaytun and the pace of its innovative efforts shocked traditional Islamic education communities in Indonesia, especially in relation to the background of its establishment using the mythology of Participation action research and participatory action program. Something that is very different with the all available Islamic Educational institutions in Indonesia named “Pesantren or Islamic Boarding School” which was founded by their owners and inherited to their children and grandchildren, who then continue the authority and title of the founder, traditionally well known as ” Kyahi”.

With General Moeldoko and others

The above differences culminated in a sad feud between the Islamic Educational Societies in Indonesia and tendentiously politicised by cornering Ma’had Alzaytun and its leader as an educational institution that teaches heresy, even though the curriculum used and teaches are a nationally enforced curriculum, even when the Government through the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia decided that there is no heresy in this Educational institution.

Unlike another Islamic boarding school.s names which are related to its founding fathers as stated above, Ma’had Alzaytun was named by its Grand Chancellor related to its long term mission “Ma’had Alzaytun, The Center of Education, Peace and Tolerance Culture Development”, this name plastered magnificently at the entrance gate of the campus, in Gantar village, under-district of Haugeulis, district of Indramayu, Western Java. its take at least 3 hours by driving from Jakarta.

Although Ma’had Alzaytun is just like another Islamic Boarding Schools in Indonesia which are well known as Pesantren, but its prepared seriously by its Founding Fathers in terms of its infrastructures, legality and Curriculum, in which they exposed publicly that Ma’had Alzaytun is Pesantren in spirit but modern in the formal educational system and facilities. So currently all linked on its motto

Ma’had Alzaytun, The Center of Education, Peace and Tolerance Culture Development, Pesantren Spirit but Modern Systems

The noble ideals of Dr. Abdul Salam Rasyidi since childhood was become a teacher and established an educational institution called Pesantren or Islamic Boarding School, with the intention that humanity’s civilisation does not break up, then by his effective leadership and talent, he tried to do his best to achieve his goal of establishing Pesantren, later called Ma’had Alzaytun above mentioned with the main purpose to educate young generation to make Indonesia counted among other nations

The Educational concept of Nusantara peoples

The people of Nusantara including Mindanao ;must have the will to make sacrifices for the sake of their education.It may sound strange that we stress only on education when we talk about the people and the nation.For those who are instant minded, it is strange, but for those who are concerned with the future well being of their people currently in destitute, it is not strange at all.

A wise nation will choose education enhancement for the sake of its people, even though the fruit of success will have to be waited for a long time.However, if (the education enhancement) is performed with patience, the desired results, i.e. prosperity and changes in the people’s culture from the negative ones to the positive ones will be realized.

20 years is indeed a long period of time, but changes in the people’s culture as results of education enhancement can be seen even before 20 years.

Someday, if education is developed seriously, Nusantara including;Mindanao’s culture will be that of loving for unity and unification because a person who is well educated will give priority to the interests of togetherness rather than the interests of individuals.A well educated person will give priority to the interests of his people and nation.

A nation with well educated individuals will uphold high work ethics because everything that they do will be based on real calculation.An educated nation will be an independent nation.It means, whilst having interaction with another nation, it will be able to support its requirement by its own products, not by debts, as life is interdependent.

An educated nation will contribute its knowledge towards a clearer world future together with other nations up to an international stage where it will interact in knowledge and technology.An educated nation will have a strong and productive human resources as its principle human resources’ knowledge matches its job scope.

An educated nation will be an honest and respected nation where other nations will respect it and will think one thousand times before they make an irrational perception, what more to humiliate it.An educated nation will a rich and prosperous nation because it will appreciate continuous God’s gifts.That is a new Nusantara including Mindanao culture that should be established and that is also the meaning of contra culture.;Smart Mindanao, Tolerant Mindanao, Peaceful Mindanao, and Mindanao who loves the law.

If that contra culture is created through new Mindanao culture, hence the revival of the Muslim World will come and be initiated from Nusantara, including Mindanao (as many people said) and this not an impossible thing. That is why we as a part of the Nusantara people strive toward that.Our words through our action, we move, develop, and realize the vision of the new Nusantara culture (contra culture).

Developing a good education means educating through current and future orientation.That is modern.;That is why modern education cannot be facilitated by a facility that is not up to date.Modern facility is not limited to physical aspect, but also those that fit modern conditions.Modern means visionary, because the education vision must be directed towards the revival of Indonesia to stand tall alongside other nations.

Modern means being visionary, thus the education vision must be directed towards the resurgence of Indonesia that can stand tall alongside its counterparts on the international scene.

Modern education is one with clear programs and objectives.our education achievement program must be directed towards building the Nusantara nation to become equals with other nations in all fields and aspects of development and advancement of nations. They must also become a nation with an international vision in mind. Modern education must be oriented towards the realm of knowledge and its development.

The culture of Nusantara in the future is determined by its educational result which is ceaselessly knowledge-oriented, knowledge which does not know what end means.

Modern education must provide for disciplined facilities. In modern living discipline is imperative. Discipline is not merely the right of the military or civil servants; all modern nations are undoubted

The Sabah lesson learned

Dr. Abdul Salam Rasyidi a years experiences in Sabah State Malaysia in establishing and maintenance the relationship with several different faith colleagues, affected his concept of peace and tolerance life, and the Sabah State lesson learn implemented at Ma’had Alzaytun with his concept which called as Risalah Alzaytun or Alzaytun Message.

The main objective of Risalah Alzaytun or Alzaytun Message which was initiated and implemented is peaceful co-existence with other people’s and Nations, as well as respect, understanding, friendship, brotherhood and solidarity of all religions and ethnic groups that will provide peace and prosperity in the society.

This mean the concept of peace and tolerance Culture development was very long before the establishment of Ma’had Alzaytun, it was a relationship with heterogeneous societies in Sabah State Malaysia, he was close with Datuk Haris Saleh (now Tan Sri) in the same time very close with Datuk Josep Pairin Kitingan (Now Tan Sri) Sabah Leader originally from Tambunan District.