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Thank you for your time to take a look the official Website of the Indonesian Education Foundation Wira Tata Buana, hopefully, the contents of this site will be given benefits to all of you wherever you are.

YPI Wira Tata Buana is a social foundation that initially engaged in the development of “Digital” understanding, where at that time, in 2003 we collaborated with ICDL International, which then stopped working together after our efforts with the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) of the Republic of Indonesia experienced obstacles and of course we experienced a loss of time and funds. including our funds that are still at ICDL International

Our Contract witnessed by the Ireland Minister at that time Hon Brendan H, and no single dollar we didn’t paid as we paid all in advance. So we are more than happy if the Government of Ireland help us

Now we are engaged in Halal Tourism services to the Indonesian Islamic Community, by establishing a Company that we named CENTIG Tourism, which not only dispatches affordable Umrah and Hajj, but also prepares the Halal Tour concept, in collaboration with several institutions abroad.

Besides that, YPI Wira Tata Buana also moves to promote what was done and will do by Ma’had Al zaytun, in its efforts to fight to combat climate change or Combating Climate Change, with the aim that in time there will be sharing experience and there will be Islamic boarding schools learning from Islamic boarding schools in connection with Combating Climate Change.

On his capacity as Honorary Consul of Sierra Leone, Datuk Agung Sidayu, MBA the Chairman of YPI Wira Tata Buana tried to promote intensively the Investment opportunities in Sierra leone to Indonesian business people.

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